Handicap Ratings
Selected Handicap Ratings Top Two rated winners and placers (Tuesday June 11 to Sunday June 16 2024)  Dividend W 50/1;   City Of Ruins 3rd 33/1;   Baylando 3rd 33/1;   Beat The Heat W 22/1;   Society Lion W 18/1;   Guillaume 3rd 16/1;   Onigri 3rd 14/1;   Snuggle 3rd 14/1;   Sea The Clouds 2nd 12/1;   Al Kawaneej River 3rd 12/1;   Anif W 12/1;   Havechatma 3rd 12/1;   Two Tempting W 12/1;   Mutaawid 2nd 12/1;   Bucko's Boy W 9/1;   Prince Eric W 9/1;   Native King 17/2;   Travolta W 17/2;   Tres Chic W 17/2;   Neigh Bother W 8/1;   Tiger Orchid W 15/2;   Hidden Pearl W 15/2;   Great Acclaim W 7/1;   Sixties Chic W 13/2;   Siegen W 6/1;   Voltaic W 6/1;   Mr Tambourine Man W 6/1;   James's Delight W 6/1;   American Affair W 6/1;  Tiaraqueen W 11/2;   Sub Thirteen W 11/2;   Holkham Bay W 11/2;   Jenever W 5/1;   Going Mobile W 5/1;   Old Chums W 9/2;   Double Time W 9/2;   Baskerville W 9/2;   Just Chasing May W 9/2;   Alerta Maxima W 4/1;   Cypriot Diaspora W 4/1;   Broomfields Cave W 4/1;   Copper Knight W 4/1;   Align The Stars W 4/1;   Letsbefrank W 4/1;  Calvic W 7/2;   Giulietta W 7/2;   Atlantic Gamble W 7/2;   Rich Belief W 7/2;   Al Muqdad W 7/2;   Oxford Comma W 7/2;   Kurimu W 7/2;   Arabian Sun W 100/30;   John L Sullivan W 100/30;   Garitsa Bay W 100/30;   Rebaatt W 100/30;   Asktheboss W 100/30;   Local Bay W 16/5;   Miss Stormy Night W 3/1;   Great Blasket W 3/1;   Matterhorn W 3/1;   Regal Envoy W 11/4;   Sunfall W 11/4;   Frank The Spark W 11/4;   Mereside Diva W 11/4;   Quietness W 5/2;   Beth Page W 5/2;   Cock And Bull W 5/2;   Dreams Adozen W 5/2;   ...plus many more at 9/4 and below.








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